Privacy Policy

You control your data

  • 1. Customer data is your data, not 66Cloud. We only process your data according to your agreement(s).

We never use your data for ads targeting

  • We do not process your customer data to create ads profiles or improve 66Cloud Ads products.

We are transparent about data collection and use

  • We're committed to transparency, compliance with regulations like the GDPR, and privacy best practices.

We never sell customer data or service data

  • We never sell customer data or service data to third parties.

Security and privacy are primary design criteria for all of our products

  • Prioritizing the privacy of our customers means protecting the data you trust us with. We build the strongest security technologies into our products.

Data Guarantee

  • We are committed to ensuring the security of user data, and adopt RAID10 in virtual servers and virtual hosts to enhance data reliability

Your privacy is our priority

  • At 66Cloud, we know that privacy plays a critical role in earning and maintaining customer trust. That's why 66Cloud has developed industry-leading product capabilities that give you-our customers-control over your data and provide visibility into when and how your data is accessed. We want to be clear about how we proactively protect your data and prioritize your privacy. We start from the fundamental premise that as a 66Cloud customer, you own your customer data. We implement stringent security measures to safeguard your customer data and provide you with tools and features to control it on your terms. We similarly secure any service data generated through providing the services; service data itself is critical to help ensure security and availability. Google makes these 66Cloud Enterprise Privacy Commitments for Google Workspace and 66Cloud Platform products to describe our overarching responsibility to protect your business when you use our enterprise solutions. These commitments are backed by the strong contractual privacy commitments we make available to you in the Cloud Data Processing Addendum for Google Workspace and 66Cloud Platform.